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falling in love

Definitely an autumnal cloth, i am captivated by how the September light bends over this.


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Monsta becomes Mantra

A little more to show on this gigormous piece–gigormous in hand stitching at least, would have been easy peasy breezy by machine, but that’s not why i created the fabric in the first place….I was also going to start with “not much” but a”a litttle more” sounds positive :)

Though i’m looking at this as a sort of calendar for the next year, i look backwards also for reference and inspiration, digging through old sketches and peering at previous work, wondering why i forgot this stitch or that, why i swept aside a particular idea, an image or clue to what i’m doing. A calendar marks the days ahead, but is a record of the gone also. We plan for the future with one foot on the ground and the other trying to find the first ladder step up to the sky, the step off the cliff to breathless expectation, hope that we will fly rather than fall, or “just” anticipating another solid space to keep going. Inspiration from older work can be surprising.

Connections are made in strange ways….

Maybe not a monsta, maybe a mantra. Definitely a calendar. One of the meanings of calendar is “an ordered list of matters to be considered”–yes, i am considering as i move through the days. My Anno Suturae, a year of stitch, to consider, to look at thoughtfully, to esteem. It was only this morning that when i picked it up, it felt right and comfortable, so i know it’s to be.


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The moving finger stitches on

………….so little done this first month (though there’s still 4 days since i started Aug 5th), but no record is waiting to be broken and no plans for it unless/until something happens for it when it’s done.  I could do a square inch a day, but that’s too little 🙂

Solidago dyed crochet perle, DMC “Toast” 4072, and DMC 111, my favourite rust variegation thread. Remembering old things, trying new things, using tested bits and (wanting to be) punching up. Looking at older work and re-inventing?

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the start

The cloth was created during my residency at ACAD, the Alberta College of Art and Design, June 2012. Rust and brazilwood stained cotton, it measures 48×72″ and i figure with it going to be all hand stitched, it will take at least a year. Start date ahead!

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