marking another month—-invisibly

07 Dec

Wow, didn’t realize myself how long it’s been since i posted here–Anno is definitely a calendar girl 🙂 At this rate, it will most certainly be a year in the making!

I’m trying not to belabour her–the idea is not to “mark days” with specific events, shapes or stitches, though certainly whatever is influencing, inspiring and intriguing me at the moment makes an appearance. I’m not allowing myself to pre-plan (much), though sometimes ideas get scribbled somewhere for future reference. This is after all about my approach and methods…..I can see how and where certain impressions and perceptions might work, but i’m not going to be a slave to it.

I have to admit though, through the end of October and ALL of November i barely thought about the girl, turning my hand to finish writing an article, producing things for a trunk show, finishing little bits that had lain around the stoodio too long, and trying out some new old things……..bogged down in other words when i really did want to at least think about dear Anno Suturae…

Oh, all the excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO disappointed with myself.


Thoughts? Insights? Jokes?

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