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procrastinator’s progress is not progress

I’ve fallen “behind” terribly with Anno Suturae. I had/have given myself a year –hence the title (!)–but looking at that expanse just makes me quiver. A little has been added to it, but most of it is still in my head. I did have one entrancing moment when i realized that though it is to be a whole cloth piece, i can still add to it with other techniques–itching to add some more dimensional bits, perhaps like Mother’s Heart.(Still in progress at the time of this writing.)

I sort of make “rules” for each piece as i go along (this stitch must be carried through this area, the colour here has to make sense with the one on the other side, the motifs should at least be in the same family) so i don’t think i’m “cheating” if i add another element to the plan. Some works evolve as they want to, especially over lengthy (overly lengthy?) development. It’s fabric after all, not stone! If i wait until everything is Perfect, stars aligned, stitches professional, meaning artsy and deep but not a stultifying “intellectual exercise”, i’ll never get it done. Indeed, i’ll never finish if that’s the whole point!

Also thinking about “motifs”. The anatomically correct heart shows up in a lot of my work. And by “anatomical”, i mean not the cutesy commercialized heart symbol, but an artistic rendering of an actual heart. Waaaay back when i used it for the first time, i asked an actual doctor about the way the valves and chambers went, and my image, though still interpreted, was rather accurate in its working possibility 🙂 Since then, i have added, distorted and re-interpreted a lot of times–still recognizable, but now my heart. I OWN it 🙂

The very first anatomical heart:

from April 2006, fabric art journal page

from April 2006, fabric art journal page

And a plethora of them:

from 2005 to 2012

from 2005 to 2012


Obviously any added to to Anno will be in the neutral and earth tones i’ve chosen for this project.

Diddly squat so far on this one:

as anat heart as of mar27_13

I’m totally in love at the moment with that wrapped back stitch, here as the tendrilly blood spills coming out of the heart. I’ve been trying to not use it everywhere, but again, the rules can and will change, so i think this heart at least will be finished that way.



Best be getting off the thinking pot and get cracking.

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