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keeping track of the threads

This ain’t paint by numbers and i know i may sound neurotic about this, but it helps ME and that’s all right by me. I’m not going to defend it, i just do it. It’s part of my process. Period. You don’t sub sugar for salt. Work your intuitive, meditative, earth mother, contemplative way, and i’ll work mine.

Maybe you’re fine with just picking up any old thread that sort of matches or “will do”, but i like to keep some continuity. For several years i’ve kept track of the threads i’ve used in projects, right down to the brand, fibre type, and thread weight if necessary. (Perle #3, #5, whatever.)

thread notebook

My thread notebook, valuable when i forget what i used on a project i haven’t touched in awhile! Left is some of the threads from Nightmare Uninterrupted, right from Mother’s Heart

Because i use a lot of more “natural” colours and variegated threads, if i don’t keep track, it can suddenly change the look, or just not work for what i intend.

  • DMC Toasted Almond – Color Variations Floss (4072)
  • Caron Wildflowers – Prairie Grass (#252)
  • DMC Espresso – Color Variations Floss (4000)
  • Solidago and tansy dyed perle #3 and #5, 6 stranded embroidery floss
  • white floss and perles, various weights and plies
  • ecru floss and perles, various weights and plies
  • DMC 115 Terra Cotta (variegated)
  • DMC 111  Mustard (variegated)
  • DMC 3041 Antique Violet (haven’t got any on yet, but will use in small dashes–love it with the browns!)
  • Iris (a “craft” “brand”, very inexpensive but a good quality nonetheless, similar to Prism which is available from 123Stitch and a few department stores) rust perle #5 (Iris doesn’t have numbers)
  • Aurifil 2315 20wt (machine) I LOVE Aurifil threads and buy mine from Tristan in BC–great for hand and machine work.
  • might use some fine gold or copper metallic
  • no doubt i will add a few others along the way as inspiration and “need” require 🙂

I tend to order threads in three’s—-i expect to go through a LOT of some of these, especially the Espresso, the Mustard and the Terra Cotta!!!

Git’cher Neuroses ON–BWAHAHAHA HA



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almost to the day

I sat with Anno last night for the first time in what tomorrow will be a year since i last put needle to her!!!!!!!!!!

First i had Greyman hold her up so i could see what *had* been done “to date”.

as of march 31_14 Oh my but there’s a lot of untouched expanse (half of it!!) that is folded up and under in this photo!


as of march 31_14b

as of march 31_14d

Stitching such a large piece by hand is a bit problematic. I have this huge thing to scrumple and borgle around trying to get comfortable enough to hold sections while i stitch. Since i don’t use a hoop, it must be quite entertaining watching me wrestle each area into submission, as i turn the piece to manoeuvre the needle! When i say it’s 48×72″ it seems manageable, but the reality is that it’s an unwieldy monster. BUT that’s part of the challenge and the reason i did leave the size of the cloth uncut as it was “treated” with rust!

Small changes in the amount done, but it’s a good start again. More of the honeycombs/cells:

honeycomb cells march 31_14

Snail guy has a bit more in his shell:

snail march 31 _14

I’ve decided too that unless i integrate the whole somehow, it’s going to look like a giant all over the place sampler of sorts. The rowan (mountain ash as we call it here) will be my anchor then, and will start appearing more around it as i go.

rowan march 31_14(The original inspiration for the Rowan is here.)

Sigh of content much evident last night 🙂


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