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hello my old friend

I feel SO bad! Poor Anno has been languishing in a drawer by my couch stitch corner. Everytime i open it, i hear this plaintive little voice “What about me? Don’t you love me anymore? Did you EVER love me?????” Sheesh, the last time i touched a needle to her compliant surface was April of last year!!!!

I promise to love, hold and cherish you again, Anno–and stick needles in your soft hide many many times 🙂



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the start

The cloth was created during my residency at ACAD, the Alberta College of Art and Design, June 2012. Rust and brazilwood stained cotton, it measures 48×72″ and i figure with it going to be all hand stitched, it will take at least a year. Start date ahead!

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Posted by on September 10, 2012 in beginnings and fresh plans