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Poor Anno has been neglected for the last few months: inertia and interest waning due to home circumstances and finishing other work.
Remedied this week with a few sessions, and hoping to keep touching her……

anno sut feb21

anno sut feb22


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natural-asemic-calligraphy-bc….sort of……

Sorted out my stoodio yesterday with heaps of culling, cannabalizing, finish ups and potential projects, which meant i actually had more space than usual to work in.

Purely mental wandering, this section, asemic writing morphing into a snow dusted rowan tree.

AS dec13

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marking another month—-invisibly

Wow, didn’t realize myself how long it’s been since i posted here–Anno is definitely a calendar girl 🙂 At this rate, it will most certainly be a year in the making!

I’m trying not to belabour her–the idea is not to “mark days” with specific events, shapes or stitches, though certainly whatever is influencing, inspiring and intriguing me at the moment makes an appearance. I’m not allowing myself to pre-plan (much), though sometimes ideas get scribbled somewhere for future reference. This is after all about my approach and methods…..I can see how and where certain impressions and perceptions might work, but i’m not going to be a slave to it.

I have to admit though, through the end of October and ALL of November i barely thought about the girl, turning my hand to finish writing an article, producing things for a trunk show, finishing little bits that had lain around the stoodio too long, and trying out some new old things……..bogged down in other words when i really did want to at least think about dear Anno Suturae…

Oh, all the excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO disappointed with myself.


natural pattern

Each day, each approach to this is different. Sometimes it’s a feeling, a site/sight seen, a memory, even a test of some stitch or motif.

I’ve been interested in what i call “ghost writing for a couple of years. I just never knew there was an actual term for it, until i stumbled across something similar. There’s nothing new under the sun, so i was quite surprised by the variety of examples and how they relate to what i’m doing.

Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic means “having no specific semantic content”. With the nonspecificity of asemic writing there comes a vacuum of meaning which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret. All of this is similar to the way one would deduce meaning from an abstract work of art. The open nature of asemic works allows for meaning to occur trans-linguistically; an asemic text may be “read” in a similar fashion regardless of the reader’s natural language. Multiple meanings for the same symbolism are another possibility for an asemic work.


Early examples of what i was doing:

“Ghostwriting” 2010

“Instinct” detail 2010

“Padded Cell:Boro’d Time” sampling ideas 2011

“Alien Twitter”, work in progress 2012

“First Communication” 2012

I started seeing patterns in what attracted me. Natural patterning, natural asemics:

salt and snow on steps like a story

the branches of rowan/mountain ash

asemic writing that will morph…..

…into the branches of a rowan


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Sometimes when we’re tired we cheat on stitching or make mistakes. In the last 2 years i have started ripping it out and starting again (at one point i just didn’t care!) , but this time i decided to let it stay and label it as such. Part of this section was done during my stint  Tuesday downtown at an art show i’m participating in, The space was cold, drafty with the vent blowing right into the sitting area, i was tired and stiff, and only 2 people came in during the time i was plying my needle. (Business day after all: the good little workers are in their cubicles in their towers with their important papers and yogurt.)

All i could think at the time was a disgusted “Cheat! I’ll fix it later at home.”  Today as i looked at it, the word “forgery” came to mind. Okay, go with it: someone snuck in and tried to do the stitching for me–the general idea was put forth but with no authenticity. HA! Acknowledge the mistakes, make them part of the work without being precious.

Upside down as i work this section

the correct orientation (as the viewer will see it when done)

It’s also perfectly acceptable to add or change things as i go along as i have no preconceived plan for this beyond doing it, so some actual readable text was put in there with the “ghost writing'”. (That area was influenced by this sketchbook work here.)

The “forged” section isn’t as raised or textural as the “authentic” section.

The whole is very lifted in areas and crunchy with tactile work.

Next i’ll be trying different approaches to my approach! (No standing on head allowed though.)


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falling in love

Definitely an autumnal cloth, i am captivated by how the September light bends over this.


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Monsta becomes Mantra

A little more to show on this gigormous piece–gigormous in hand stitching at least, would have been easy peasy breezy by machine, but that’s not why i created the fabric in the first place….I was also going to start with “not much” but a”a litttle more” sounds positive :)

Though i’m looking at this as a sort of calendar for the next year, i look backwards also for reference and inspiration, digging through old sketches and peering at previous work, wondering why i forgot this stitch or that, why i swept aside a particular idea, an image or clue to what i’m doing. A calendar marks the days ahead, but is a record of the gone also. We plan for the future with one foot on the ground and the other trying to find the first ladder step up to the sky, the step off the cliff to breathless expectation, hope that we will fly rather than fall, or “just” anticipating another solid space to keep going. Inspiration from older work can be surprising.

Connections are made in strange ways….

Maybe not a monsta, maybe a mantra. Definitely a calendar. One of the meanings of calendar is “an ordered list of matters to be considered”–yes, i am considering as i move through the days. My Anno Suturae, a year of stitch, to consider, to look at thoughtfully, to esteem. It was only this morning that when i picked it up, it felt right and comfortable, so i know it’s to be.


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